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Prosperity Trading Webinar !
Learn from Joel Pozen's 27 Years of Experience of Buying at Wholesale and Selling at Retail during this 60 Minute Training

Would knowing how to make $200 in 30 seconds make you a Better Trader?

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Meet Joel Pozen!
"When Elephants Walk Across Your Front Lawn THEY LEAVE FOOTPRINTS"

27 years ago Mr. Ney taught me that markets are nothing more than merchandising mechanisms run by thieves who do their absolute best to separate as much money, from as many people as possible, in the least amount of time.

The markets were set up to transfer money from the many to the few:

...from amateurs to professionals.

Richard Ney was the foremost authority on market manipulation/merchandising prior to his death in 2004.

J. Paul Getty, the richest man in the world when he died, trusted Mr. Ney to trade a portion of his money.

Because he publicly called the crash of 1962, Mr. Ney was on the cover of Time Magazine. He subsequently called every market crash until his death.

He wrote 3 New York Times bestsellers along with exposing a little known 1963 congressional report stating that insiders have control of the markets and absolute control at openings and closings.

From 2000 to mid 2008, for $5,000, Joel trained day traders live in the toughest trading arena, where the biggest professionals trade, the S+P 500 .

Prior to that I provided business, estate and retirement planning for high net worth individuals from 1977 to 1992.

No one else is revealing to the public Mr. Ney’s knowledge and wisdom regarding reading price and volume, the true ONLY leading indicators.

Creating the wealth and prosperity you deserve is simply a matter of pattern recognition.

A matter of making sound professional trading decisions based on foresight, not hindsight - a matter of anticipating market movement.

You don’t have to continue to rely on others because you don’t think you can create your own wealth.

There is a solution. You can achieve your income and retirement goals. The markets offer amazing wealth-building opportunities, but only if you understand how they work. You can be part of the many or 1 of the few!

This was done by a Student!
And YOU will be able to do this too!

Don’t continue to be victimized by others looking to gain at your expense! At the webinar you will discover what few people know about protecting and growing money!

Find out how professional traders build wealth for themselves!

The webinar you are about to attend discloses information you won’t find in any conventional financial publication. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find this information anywhere because professionals/insiders don’t want you doing what they do to take money out of the markets.

Once you understand how professionals manipulate prices, you can:

a.. Recognize Their Patterns

b.. Duplicate Their Actions

c.. Achieve Extraordinary Results

Learn How To:

1 - Simple, proven method to make trading profitable and low risk

2 - A practical, easy to understand system

3 - Amazing wealth building opportunities

4 - How to spot insiders' actions and duplicate them

5 - Exactly how the market works and why it's set up this way

6 - To take control of your financial future

   I attended Joel’s mentoring in 2004. His course is comprehensive, covering everything from trading concepts to real-time trading action, reading a chart bar by bar. It was the most profitable trading instruction I’ve had! - Stephen Walton

During the 2008 market crash over 64 trillion dollars of money "vanished"  worldwide.

People had their life savings, college funds, retirement funds etc. literally taken away from them. History has shown us that bankers, brokers, and hedge funds will continue to take advantage of amateurs with their manipulative trading practices.

Not government, not the media nor anyone else is going to stop the few from taking advantage of the many. Every day, on charts, the market manipulation of the select few leaves footprints. The way to succeed in the market is to follow their footprints.

This Free Master Class will show you how to piggyback the 5% who consistently extract money out of the market.

Take Notes!

During this Master Class TAKE NOTES - Joel will amaze you with his skills, knowledge, mathematical ability AND more... Write It Down!

Take Action!

Information is only useful if you TAKE ACTION and put it to work for yourself - the information you receive in this Master Class Is Priceless!

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At the end of the presentation you will also learn about the Prosperity Trading Training Course & Special Membership, You WILL LOVE THIS!
  Price & Volume Are Indicators That Level The Playing Field IN ANY MARKET - In Any Time Frame - Take Advantage Of This Opportunity!


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Futures trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.